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NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cups

NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cups

NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cups


The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is like no other cup ever designed. Our cups are made to the highest quality using a high impact resistant polycarbonate material – the same material used in bullet resistant glass. Yes, it costs more to make our cup, but your Boys are worth it. What truly sets NuttyBuddy® apart from our competitors is the anatomically correct, patented design that makes it the most comfortable cup on the market. Our design allows the wearer to move with ease while it cradles the anatomy. Something we like to call, Protecting the Boys®.

FLEX - For those who need more give in their protective cup, go for the FLEX. Originally designed for MMA fighters, this cup is designed for even more comfort and flexibility. If you are running hard, crossing over, and/or spend time on your back buy this cup. Ideal for hockey front line, rodeo, martial arts, football, or those who simply want more comfort and flexibility. You will still get the most protection from NuttyBuddy®, then any other cup on the market.

CLASSIC - This cup is our most protective. Full high impact from any assault—front, side, and underneath. If you play a sport with a hard ball – Buy this cup. Ideal for baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. This is the beast that will keep you and your heirs safe.

NuttyBuddy® Athletic Cups

• The most comfortable cup on the market. Period!
• Allows movement with ease
• Cradles the anatomy differently than other cups
• Cushioned edge for comfort and fit
• Vented for extra comfort
• The only cup with 5 sizes to fit any man, any size (3 sizes available for Flex)


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