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NuttyBuddy Lock Core Compression Shorts

NuttyBuddy Lock Core Compression Shorts

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NuttyBuddy Lock Core Compression Shorts


IMPORTANT Our System does not utilize a pouch. The NuttyBuddy is designed to be worn like the pros wear a cup - Put on your Compression Shorts first, Then add a Jock over the top and simply slide in between. Learn how to Wear it like a Pro®

NuttyBuddy® Lock Core COMPRESSION SHORTS - Simply the best, most comfortable and protective compression shorts on the market.

NuttyBuddy® uses the Lock's patented unique compression shorts that are designed specifically with our athletes and unique NuttyBuddy® cup in mind. The Lock's 'D Band' gives the pelvic floor support and locked in core stability while holding the male anatomy in a safe and comfortable place against the pubic symphysis. The Lock's specific fabrications differentiate between muscle groups allowing maximum support, maximum comfort, and maximum performance. Stabilize your core for more strength, more power, more energy, more freedom to move, to workout, to strike. You only need to wear the Lock one time to feel the patented difference which separates it from any comparable short on the market. No need to thank us. This is the only short on the market designed to keep the boys high and tight.

The Lock's exclusive core support is completely different than any other short on the market. The unique fabrics and engineering hold your core and your anatomy snug while allowing your legs complete freedom…unlike compression shorts which sag when they become wet or restrict your stride. With your boys in position, the NuttyBuddy® cup slips over the top, creating a safe haven for your jewels.

The 2-inch band keeps the shorts up and secure, and a mesh compression fabric covers the legs and buttock to keep you cool when the game gets hot. These unique fabrics and engineering hold your anatomy snug while your legs are free to move!

  • Patented rib construction allows your boys to be safe and secure (Patents: US. 7,774,865 – CAN. 2,464,782) *Available in BLACK.
  • The first and only shorts that hug your anatomy
  • Superior support to lower extremities.
  • Full length coverage above knee
  • When you are centered and stable, you are a force. You'll perform better, last longer, recover faster.
  • You'll have more strength, more power, more energy, more freedom to move, to workout, to strike.
Don't be caught with WHITE underpants. THEY ARE "OUT"