To wear correctly:

• First put on your NuttyBuddy® Lock compression shorts.
• Then put on your NuttyBuddy® jock over the top of the shorts.
• Place the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup between compression shorts and jock.

This will allow it to "float" with the movement of your body.

Items Required:
• NuttyBuddy® athletic cup
• NuttyBuddy® Lock compression shorts
• NuttyBuddy® jock
(DO NOT wear pouch shorts or a pouch/snap in jock)


DID YOU KNOW...A lot of athletes are still injuring their family jewels because they don't understand how and why you need a three-piece protective system for your protective cup? Our Founder/Inventor, Mark Littell, a former MLB pitcher, created an entire system to give athletes the best protection, support and comfort. Our system includes three separate pieces (NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup, NuttyBuddy Jock and NuttyBuddy Lock Compression Shorts) and is designed from the ground up for maximum protection. The NB jock to be worn OVER the NB Lock compression shorts with the NB cup inserted in between is a system that has been proven to work again and again over the past 15+ years. We invented this system with a NuttyBuddy because our cup is not flat, it is anatomically correct and is curved to fit snug to your body. (By the way, our cup is the only cup on the market that is anatomically correct allowing your junk to hang naturally). Our jock strap is used to hold the NB cup tight to your body and is worn on the outside of the shorts (our shorts hold your package up and in one place) in order to provide maximum comfort and protection. Just like the pros! You get the best of both worlds - luxury and protection. We spent years trying to find the best solution and we firmly believe we still have the best design on the market. When you wear the NuttyBuddy system correctly, the cup will "float" with the movement of your body. It is way better than an inside pouch, which only gives the illusion that the cup is in the correct position. You want your cup snug to your body, and we found that pouches did not do that as they are designed to just hold the cup and not hold it tight. If it's not snug, it's useless. The Jock and shorts combination is how the professionals wear cups. We believe in this system so much we trademarked “Wear It Like A Pro®”.