Most of us are aware of this thing called ‘Trial and Error’. The NuttyBuddy® protective cup has been under the microscope for years. From multiple studies before it hit the market at Arizona State University, all the way through the United States Military. After years of hearing and seeing 98% positive feedback, we thought it was time to show you the end result:

  • The NuttyBuddy® is the most anatomically correct, most protective, and above all the most comfortable protective cup on the market.
  • We make two styles – The Classic and The Flex (for those who need more give in their protective cup).
  • Our Classic cup is the only cup on the market that comes in five (5) sizes to protect the family jewels for boys of all ages (The Hammer, The Boss, The Hog, The Trophy and Mongo). The Flex comes in three sizes (The Hog, The Trophy and Mongo).

We need to fix the final wrong. It stops here and now. For the last 8 years we have been working to create a compression short built to work in conjunction with The NuttyBuddy®. Wearing a NuttyBuddy® cup with a competitor’s compression short and pouch is “WRONG”.  Our cup is designed, built, and wears differently. The cup/shorts link is, for us, the only way our cup will fit better, feel better, protect better, and work as it was designed.

Our NuttyBuddy Lock® Core Compression shorts are simply the best, most comfortable and protective compression shorts on the market. 

  • The Lock’s patented unique compression shorts are designed specifically with our athletes and the unique NuttyBuddy® cup in mind.
  • The Lock's 'D Band' gives the pelvic floor support and locks in core stability while holding the male anatomy in a safe and comfortable place against the pubic symphysis.
  • The 2-inch band keeps the shorts up and secure, and a mesh compression fabric covers the legs and buttock to keep you cool when the game gets hot. These unique fabrics and engineering hold your anatomy snug while your legs are free to move!
  • The Lock's specific fabrications (there are four different fabrics used in the manufacturing process) differentiate between muscle groups allowing maximum support, maximum comfort, and maximum performance. Stabilize your core for more strength, more power, more energy, more freedom to move, to workout, to strike. You only need to wear the Lock one time to feel the patented difference which separates it from any comparable short on the market. No need to thank us, just buy one and try it out for yourself.

The NuttyBuddy® Jock is no ordinary jock either. You need your cup snug to the body. When you take a blow to your junk, you want the force dispersed to the pelvic bone and not to the most sensitive part of your body.

  • The NuttyBuddy® Jock’s 2-inch support band goes around your waist and the gusset stabilizes the cup.
  • The NuttyBuddy® Jock contains the same tight compression material as The NuttyBuddy® Lock shorts holding in The NuttyBuddy® snug.
  • The 1-inch elastic glute straps have greater “snap back” to keep pulling the cup down and in as movement occurs.

With your boys in position, pull on our incredible NuttyBuddy® Jock, then the NuttyBuddy® cup slips in between, creating a safe haven for your jewels.

We are ‘Cutting to the Chase’. Yes, by combining the NuttyBuddy®, The NuttyBuddy Lock® Short, and NuttyBuddy® Jock we have created the best lower extremity protection in the world. You, the player, will have comfort, mobility, and the utmost protection in your chosen sport.

The quality and combination of the three best products in the world that work, means that when you need protection we will be there. Your genitals deserve the best protection available. Hands down. Wear it like a Pro®