How is the athletic cup, NuttyBuddy® so different?

Athletic cups have not seen a significant design change in decades. The new athletic cup supporter, NuttyBuddy® brings a revolutionary new design that concentrates on comfort and superior protection. Our protective athletic cups will provide the utmost comfort when playing nearly any sport. Baseball cups, jocks, and sports equipment have never before seen such a radical change in the safety of the sports we play. Learn how to wear our innovate and unique design, and start “Protecting The Boys” today!

Traditional athletic cups DO NOT cover the entire male genitalia. They lack the comfort and mobility that most athletes must have when playing sports. Whether you are playing baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer, softball, or football the NuttyBuddy® athletic cup supporter can help protect the family jewels!

Our protective athletic cups allow the genitalia area of the male to ‘move’ without restriction, while still fully protecting the man. Baseball cups, mostly for catchers, lack the ‘full range’ of protection the NuttyBuddy® offers. With an elongated ‘tail’, this is the first piece of sports equipment that will fully protect the male anatomy. If you are wondering how to wear our cup, simply use compression shorts or briefs and a regular jock, and start playing!

Athletic cups have reached a new pinnacle in design and comfort. The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup supporters will help athletes stay safe and active in nearly every sport. To learn more on how to wear our protective athletic cups, or to order the NuttyBuddy® for baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and other sports, simply buy now and start “Protecting The Boys!”