How does the NuttyBuddy® work with a jock strap?

Athletic jock is a must when wearing NuttyBuddy®. Our cup goes in between the athletic jock supporter and the briefs. We DO NOT have the snap-in or the pouch type jock strap. If you wear this you are then locked into place. When you exercise or play sports you need mobility and protection. Cheap or discount pouch apparel will not work. When making a lateral or quick movement this where things can get crossed up. At this point you have then lost protection and comfort. NuttyBuddy is comfortable and protects while playing any sport.

How often must the jock be cleaned or washed?
Professional clubhouse people and athletes will tell you that they throw their briefs or compression shorts in the wash after the workout because of being in direct contact with your body. Obviously this needs to be cleaned (washed) from the amount of perspiration that is absorbed into the material on a daily basis. With the unique NuttyBuddy® design, the athletic jock supporter is worn as the third layer, over both The NuttyBuddy® and the shorts. This means our jock strap can be worn two to three times before being washed. Because this apparel is not in contact with the skin it will have less perspiration resulting in less need for washing after each use. Don’t rely on using cheap or discount jocks that snap in or pouch in your athletic cup. Our jock can be washed less so it retains more elasticity. This will also lengthen the life of the athletic jock.

Great as a gift for any sport!

• Baseball
• Softball
• Hockey
• Martial Arts
• Soccer
• Football
• Lacrosse
• And More…