In what industry can I use your athletic supporter?

Athletic supporter, NuttyBuddy® can be used in any profession. When the possibility of physical injury is a legitimate concern, our athletic supporters should be considered as protection. Our cups range in size from youth (The Hammer) to adult (Mongo). It has been designed and tested for those in law enforcement, security, as well as active sports such as baseball, football, martial arts, soccer, and other sports. Used with a regular jock strap and compression shorts, our protective gear can help keep your groin area safe! Start “Protecting The Boys” today!

Law enforcement and prison guards should protect themselves from injury when they are on the job because of the daily dangers of their profession. Our athletic supporter will not restrict their movement and mobility. Never before has an athletic cup supporter been so comfortable and safe to use. Rest assured you will be safe, secure, and at ease when wearing our protective athletic cup and jock strap.

The revolutionary design makes it comfortable to wear, and is the reason why so many athletes choose not to wear the old designed cups and risk injury and feeling uncomfortable. The same can now be said for those in the law enforcement and security industries. The unpleasantness of wearing the old athletic supporter is not an issue now and there is no reason why you should not wear our athletic supporter NuttyBuddy® and feel protected yet carefree.

Designed on the basis that traditional cups did not give enough protection, The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup supporter has changed that way of thinking. Our protective athletic supporter and jock strap can be purchased online today. This is the one protective piece of gear you will not leave in the bag! Learn more today.