Is The NuttyBuddy® only for baseball catchers? Can it be used at other positions?

Baseball cups and protective gear should be used at every position while on the playing field. While baseball catcher’s gear is of the utmost importance due to risk, The NuttyBuddy® athletic supporter can help keep you safe. Designed by former baseball player Mark Littell, our baseball protective gear is the latest great design in sports safety. Our cup has made youth baseball equipment rethink the traditional athletic supporter. Ranging in size from youth to XL, sports safety is our #1 priority.

Any athlete that is playing a sport (hockey, lacrosse, football, etc.) where the likelihood of injury is high should wear the proper protection. Age and position is not important. Our baseball gear is designed to keep you safe while not restricting your mobility. Traditional designs have failed at this, again and again. The NuttyBuddy® has taken the baseball catcher’s gear and made it safe, fun and comfortable. With names like Mongo, The Trophy, The Hog, The Boss, and The Hammer our youth baseball equipment will be the talk in the dugout.

NuttyBuddy® Baseball Gear Protection

My son, who plays outfield on his baseball team, says he doesn’t need to wear a cup because of his position. What should I tell him?
With a motto of “protecting the boys” you can explain to him the importance of protecting his ‘man area.’ Anytime you are on the field, there is a risk of injury. Just because he doesn’t play catcher or infield does not mean he cannot be injured. Baseball gear is very important and should be discussed with every youth and adult athlete. Besides, because the NuttyBuddy® is so comfortable, athletes will be protected and feel like they are not even wearing an athletic cup supporter.

Baseball protective gear from NuttyBuddy® is the best defense against injury to the male groin region. With a unique name and unique product, we are quickly changing the way you look at adult and youth baseball equipment. Great for any sport and every position, buy now to see what size NuttyBuddy® is right for you.