Should football players wear a cup? Absolutely!

Football, and all contact sports, are called contact sports for a reason—men are hitting other men. Every single play. Inflicting pain and having pain is part of the game. Having groin pain (the worst kind of pain) is NOT something you need to endure in Football. Wearing a NuttyBuddy will ensure your Protection.

With all the equipment that Football players are required to wear, it is still amazing that an athletic cup is not on that list. Teeth or a knee can be replaced, but your family jewels many never be replaceable.

You wear a helmet to protect your head. Wear a NuttyBuddy to protect your brain. 

How is the athletic cup NuttyBuddy different?

Athletic cups have not seen a significant design change in decades.  The athletic cup, NuttyBuddy brings a revolutionary and patented radically different design that allows for the most comfortable cup while providing superior protection! 

  1. Traditional athletic cups DO Not cover the entire male genitalia. Try stuffing your Package in a normal cup, then try ours. With 5 size, we have a cup for every man.
  2. Cups lack the comfort and mobility that most athletes must have when playing sports. Our cups are anatomically designed so that the cup fits the body molding to the pelvic area and staying close when an impact can cause significant damage.  Whether you are playing football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer, softball, or basketball the NuttyBuddy athletic cup protects the family jewels!
  3. Our protective athletic cups allow the genitalia area of the male to ‘move’ without restriction, while still fully protecting the man and his package.
  4. Protective Cups lack the ‘full range’ of protection the NuttyBuddy offers. With an elongated ‘tail’ this is the first piece of sports equipment that will fully protect the male anatomy against blows that come from underneath or bouncing off the ground.