Ice hockey gear is too restricting. Will the NuttyBuddy® give me comfort AND protection?

Hockey goalie equipment, as well as traditional protective ice hockey equipment has always been one option. Same style, same material, same size. With the advancement in design and comfort, the NuttyBuddy® is proud to offer the best protective goalie equipment and protective gear on the market. With five unique sizes available for purchase, it does not matter if you are a youth, teen, play in a men’s league or just for fun. Our patented sports athletic cup is proven to protect the boys no matter your position or level of competition.

Can other positions wear this cup, other than an ice hockey goalie?
Yes. While this design suits the need for improved hockey goalie equipment, it will also serve as protective ice hockey equipment for all other positions. This is the one piece of protective gear your teammates will want after they see how comfortable and reliable your NuttyBuddy® can be!

We understand the need for improved protective goalie equipment and protective gear for men, youth, and teens. Other sports apparel just does not stack up. NuttyBuddy® has designed this cup to conform to all needs of a man. We have sacrificed nothing, while providing you with the most reliable and most non-restricting protective equipment available on the market. NuttyBuddy gives unmatched groin protection and versatility. Have 100% protection wearing our supporter during ice hockey, field hockey, street hockey, baseball, soccer, and even marital arts!

Our tested and proven cup has won numerous awards for comfort, safety, and design. Use our NuttyBuddy® sizing chart to see what supporter is right for you.