Will the cup stay in place while I practice my martial arts?

The first martial arts protective gear that will not only stay in place during competition, but will fully protect the male groin when struck. Traditional equipment and groin protection methods for boxing, karate, and other contact sports are normally unstable and non-conforming to the male body. With the patented design and unique style, this is the only martial arts equipment on the market that is proven to stay in place and protect 100% of the male groin.

Read what one of our martial arts customers had to say after trying the NuttyBuddy for the first time:

“Shocked. Absolutely shocked that this athletic cup can actually stay in place, protect, and be comfortable. Wow. With constant leg movements and fast kicks, I never thought any cup would not only protect me, but also be comfortable to wear. It does not bother me, scratch me, itch…nothing! Thanks NuttyBuddy for protecting My Boys!”

~ A. McCormick, Miami FL

What about boxing, karate, and UFC fighters?
We have all seen the punch on television that went a bit too low. Most boxers and martial arts participants do not wear cups, as they are restricting in their movement from side to side and fast moving leg movements. Our athletic cup, whether you wear it for protective martial arts gear, boxing, karate, training, or any other full contact sport, gives you the utmost confidence and security when performing at your very best. It is the only supporter on the market with the patented ‘tail’ that protects beyond the traditional athletic cups.

Martial arts protective gear has never looked so good. This is the first martial arts equipment on the market to provide groin comfort, protection, and reliability while playing active sports such as boxing, karate, and martial arts. You have tried traditional sporting goods and safety apparel –now try this. NuttyBuddy®. Four unique sizes, order yours today!