Motocross safety is a priority when riding. Will the NuttyBuddy® be uncomfortable to wear?

Motocross safety, especially groin protection, is becoming more and more of an issue with the amount of jumps, turns, and crashes during each ride. Before putting on your motocross safety equipment such as helmets, pads, and shoes, remember the newest piece of motocross safety gear, your athletic cup NuttyBuddy®. This protective groin cup is made unlike any other cup on the market. Its unique design and shape allows the NuttyBuddy® to cover the entire region of the man, ensuring that the hardest crash or biggest jump will not affect your boys.

Traditional motocross safety equipment and athletic cup gear would not be comfortable as the shape is unconforming and restrictive to a man’s groin region. With its unique tail, the NuttyBuddy® will protect the undercarriage, ensuring that the bike seat will not cause damage to your boys when riding. The NuttyBuddy® is also deigned to “stay in place” while riding and moving. That ensures that if you were thrown over the handlebars, crashed into a competitor, or fell off your bike, your athletic cup is proven to stay still.

What is “The Package” and why is it recommended?
The Package includes everything you need to ensure maximum protection of the boys. Remember our athletic cup is worn differently, you MUST wear compression shorts and a jock. NO SNAP-IN OR POUCH JOCK CAN BE WORN. Motocross safety is a huge concern of ours. Wearing the proper motocross safety equipment and gear not only helps against crashes, but also gives you an unknown advantage against your competition. Feel safe, secure, and protected when wearing our NuttyBuddy® protective groin cup.

With sizes that will fit all types of riders, The Hammer and The Boss were specifically designed for the smaller riders, up to 5’4”. The Hog was designed for the medium build up to 5’8”. The Trophy is for those above 5’8” and Mongo is for the big “boys” that are taller than 6’2”. Learn more today.