Mark, how did you think of designing The NuttyBuddy®?
Protective cups have not been redesigned or reconsidered for decades. I had been wearing a baseball protective cup for over 10 years when I was signed out of high school to play professional baseball. I had worn youth protective cups before, soft mostly, but never a true protective cup for men.
After I was drafted I really thought that I knew how to wear a cup and jock. When I went to rookie ball and was in the locker room, half of the guys looked at me and asked, “doesn’t that hurt, it’s gotta be uncomfortable.” I knew from that point this was not something all ball players wore because of its uncomfortable design. The top talents in baseball surrounded me, most with access to the best equipment in sports, yet most were not wearing athletic supporters, why?

In 1999 I set out on a venture to make the best fitting support system in sports. Comfort and safety became my #1 priority. While designing, I knew that this new cup would not only serve the baseball community, but other sports and professions as well.

Protective cups should “NEVER” have a flex built into its design – there is a give with the ‘flex’ design, leading to the possibility that an outside force can crush the testicles on impact. No cup should “EVER” be made of a pliable material or coined a soft cup. There is ‘NO’ protection at all with a product of an inferior material. Traditional cups have a ‘V’ shape. To put this bluntly, you have one testicle almost on top of the other. This restricts the movement of the athlete and is very uncomfortable when wearing on the field.

Both baseball protective cups and youth protective cups were about to see a radical change with the introduction to The NuttyBuddy®. Learn how to wear the most unique athletic product in men’s sports today, or simply buy now to order “The Package” from NuttyBuddy®.

~Mark Littell, Inventor of NuttyBuddy®