Would the Nutty Buddy be an appropriate cup for a hockey player?

Protective hockey gear has hit a new level of comfort and protection. The NuttyBuddy® hockey cup is the first and only supporter that is not only comfortable to wear, but will also protect the entire male genitalia. Whether you play roller hockey, street, or ice, this is the one piece of hockey equipment that you will not leave on the bench.

The NuttyBuddy® comes in five distinct sizes, Mongo, The Trophy, The Hog, The Boss, and Hammer. Anatomically designed and constructed to help the male stay protected and comfortable, you can rest assured the hard-hitting checks and highflying stick will not slow your game down. Protective hockey gear has reached a new level of protection. Great as goalie hockey gear, The NuttyBuddy® is available for sale online today. The sleek design of the NuttyBuddy® is proven to be a superior piece of hockey equipment for years to come.

Will the NuttyBuddy® stay in place and provide complete protection even when I am getting hit and checked?
Yes. NuttyBuddy® is built and designed as one of the safest and most reliable pieces of protective hockey gear on the market. All other protective hockey cups lack in ‘conforming’ to each individual hockey players body. So no matter if you are getting checked from behind, poke checked in the groin, or laying out in front of a puck, NuttyBuddy® is there to help protect your boys. With 5 unique sizes to choose from you are sure to find the cup that will not only fit your body but provide the most comfort and protection on the market.

Learn more about NuttyBuddy® and the unique comfort it brings while playing both field hockey and ice hockey.