Sports safety is extremely important. How is the NuttyBuddy® different?

Sports safety and sports safety equipment is becoming more important as the sports we play become more competitive. Having the proper baseball safety protective gear is what influenced NuttyBuddy® to develop this revolutionary athletic cup. Designed for the male youth and adult market, our supporter will help prevent damage to “The Boys” by protecting the full region of the man. Perfect for a catcher, but can be used in almost any position or sport, NuttyBuddy® can be purchased online today starting at $29.99.

What is “The Package”
The Package is a great way to get everything you need all at once. Since our athletic cup is worn differently, you MUST wear compression shorts and a jock. NO SNAP-IN OR POUCH JOCK CAN BE WORN. Sports safety is our #1 concern. Specifically designed and developed as the next best piece of baseball equipment, NuttyBuddy® has quickly become a nationwide phenomenon. This is the one athletic protective cup that will keep baseball catchers safe. With sizes available from youth to adult male, rest assured “Your Boys” will be safe.

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