Do you offer a youth size athletic cup?

Youth athletic cups called ‘The Hammer’ and ‘The Boss’ were specifically designed for the 5-13 year old athlete. Our youth athletic supporter is made to give each person the widest range of mobility and safety. The NuttyBuddy® youth protective cup is sized to anatomically fit, cover, and protect the entire region of the male’s genitalia area. This is one piece of baseball equipment you will not leave at home.

The Hammer is the smallest of the two youth athletic cups. It can be placed between briefs or compression shorts and the athletic supporter (jock). The size will fit the larger 5 year old to the average six year old. The high side of the range would be an average eight year old to a small nine year old. Make sure that the youth athletic supporter NuttyBuddy® is firm against the groin area, no cup should ever be worn loosely.

The Boss is to be placed between sports briefs or compression shorts with the athletic supporter on the outside, same as all other NuttyBuddy’s. This youth athletic cup will fit the larger 9 year olds to the small 10 year olds, with the top end of the range being an average 12 year old to smaller 13 year old. This is one piece of baseball equipment that will not be left in the bag.

Every single baseball player on the field, regardless of position and age, should be wearing a protective athletic cup. Ground balls, foul tips and miss-thrown balls all have a way of taking a bad hop and the results can be excruciating if proper baseball equipment is not worn. The NuttyBuddy® youth protective cup fits between your briefs or compression shorts and a normal jock strap. This allows the Nutty Buddy to move naturally with your body and provides the ultimate in comfort.

Great for use in active youth sports including:

• Baseball
• Youth League
• Softball
• Lacrosse
• Ice Hockey
• Martial Arts
• Football
• Soccer
• Skateboarding
• Snowboarding
• Paintballing
• Field Hockey
• High School
• College
• Junior College
• Amateur Professional