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NuttyBuddy in the news... As Seen On The Balancing Act

NuttyBuddy in the news... As Seen On The Balancing Act

NuttyBuddy® in the news...Protecting the Male Athlete is Very Personal

Unique designed athletic supporter was featured on regional lifestyle TV show to discuss the importance of male athletes wearing a protective cup system.

Watch Again - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWfi2OBZGHg

For almost 20 years, The NuttyBuddy® 3-Piece system has been proven to be the most protective, the most comfortable, and the only anatomically correct cup on the market. And, on this segment of THE BALANCING ACT local edition - Phoenix, hosted by Montel Williams featured key facts on the importance of protecting your groin and why NuttyBuddy is the only ergonomic design and anatomically shaped cup that conforms to the male body.  

This important male health matter segment on NuttyBuddy featured the key unique ergonomic and anatomically design shaped cup that conforms to the male body, which allows your testicles to lay naturally and comfortable. It is curved not flat, with a ‘tail’ to protect from impact or a blow from underneath.

Founder/Inventor, Mark Littell former MLB and World Series Champion pitcher, created an entire system to give male athletes the best protection, support, and comfort. The Impact Dispersion Technology is designed to transfer the force/blow away from the testicles and distributes it to the pubic bone reducing the force so your male genitals will not rupture.

Many athletes in all sports are still injuring their genitals because they do not understand how and why you need a three-piece protective system. VP of Operations, Cathy Zoccoli believes in having the conversation. “We know a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about the family jewels or we are an afterthought, but we are here to start the conversation. We are here to prevent boys and men from ending up in the hospital with a severed or ruptured testicle and to promote long-term health and legacy.”

 The NuttyBuddy is the only cup that offers five sizes (The Hammer, The Boss, The Hog, The Trophy, and Mongo) and two styles (Classic and Flex) to accommodate boys and men of all ages and sizes. Size does matter. Your height is what determines your cup size. This protective system is the only cup with an elongated ‘tail’ that will fully protect the male anatomy against blows that come from underneath or bouncing off the ground.

Made in the USA with high impact polycarbonate material. This is the very same material used in bullet resistant glass. Since it is a 3-Piece system and not a “pouch” it will never create the feeling or an illusion that an old-style pouch cup can cause. NuttyBuddy will stay snug and in place when you need it the most.

Zoccoli adds “Our founder/ inventor Mark Littell, aka “Captain Ramrod” was so passionate about what he believed that, as many people have seen, took a 90mph fast ball, intentionally, to his groin. And does not even flinch. He wanted to make sure everyone knew you could go out on the field with confidence, no matter what sport or activity. And now that he has passed, we are here to educate and continue his legacy.”


 About NuttyBuddy

Founder/Inventor, Mark Littell a former MLB World Series Champion pitcher, created an entire system to give male athletes the best protection, support and comfort. This system includes three separate pieces (NuttyBuddy Athletic Cup, NuttyBuddy Jock and NuttyBuddy Lock Compression Shorts) and is designed from the ground up for maximum protection. The NB jock to be worn OVER the NB Lock compression shorts with the NB cup inserted in between is a system that has been proven to work again and again over the past 17 years. The wisdom of Mr. Littell invented the NuttyBuddy system with a cup that is not flat, it is anatomically correct and is curved to fit snug to your body. You get the best of both worlds - luxury and protection. https://nuttybuddy.com/


About The Balancing Act

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