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NuttyBuddy Sizing Guidelines

NuttyBuddy Sizing Guidelines

NuttyBuddy Sizing Guidelines –

The best thing to keep in mind when determining the right fit for your NuttyBuddy... Is we typically use your height to determine your cup size. We want to make sure the pelvic area is protected, and your height typically will determine that. The NuttyBuddy is anatomically designed, so if you buy it too big, you will likely see pain as the cup rubs against either your abductor longus (inner upper thigh / groin area) or the inguinal ligament (pelvis area). However, we also need to make sure the area below your scrotum and above your sphincter (the taint) is protected. 

Regarding the shorts and jock, we use waist size. Sizing is true to size. So, most of the time, you will wear the same size shorts and jock. However, some guys like to get the jock one size bigger than the shorts, especially if they are in between sizes. (Or if their legs and butt are a bit more muscular)


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