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The Lurking of the Zone

The Lurking of the Zone

The Zone is lurking about. Will you find the Zone?  It took me a while, but someone said, "Mix in a strike" ... and I found the Zone. But now it's even better, you can talk to the Zone. 

Believe this, the Zone can and does talk back at times. When my mind is going in all the right channels, the ball hits the Zone. But when I get a little frisky, sassy and rambunctious with my thoughts running wild, that ball can get real hot, real fast. If it comes back at you, better cover up. If you get hit by that fast-moving projectile, it's ugly. 

Yep, the Zone works in mysterious ways, responding to my thoughts. Though most of the time the only thing I was thinking was, "Are you shittin' me?" (a common baseball term).

Moral of the story is, "He who thinks long, thinks wrong."