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Mark Littell - Books


Follow Mark Littell on his wild journey he calls his life. An amazing storyteller and our fearless leader, Mark's three books will have you laughing out loud.

NEWLY RELEASED - What's up Ramrod? - Go on a journey from Coast-to-Coast and Down under.  
Mark's experience, charisma, and his sometimes-psychotic antics make his stories a must-read as he mentors players, on and off the field. His ability to keep his players, coaches, and front-office people on full alert is priceless.

Country Boy: Conveniently Wild - The sagas before Mark pitched for the Royals and Cardinals. Mark' s crazy character was formed on a cotton and soybean farm in the Missouri Bootheel. Growing up was a wild ride for Mark, full of family, fun, and lots of mischief. This book will take you through the many malfunctions of Mark's early life, and introduce you to the folks who kept him in line and showed him the ropes.

On the Eight Day, God Made Baseball - Mark takes you through his wild and wooly career as a baseball player, from his very first at-bat when he was six years old, through his career in the Major Leagues. This collection of unbelievable tales will have you on the floor laughing, as Mark’s Southern twang and quick wit show you a side of baseball you’ve never seen before. 

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