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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

These are the dog days of summer...

When all you want to do is sleep in, stay up late and stay out of the heat.  Right??  WRONG. The dog days of summer are meant for the NuttyBuddy wearing athlete to make their move. This is where you get better.  Now is the time when you can:

A.  Learn a new pitch/play/handle the stick better

B.  Work on a skill you can execute on in the fall

C.  Be a better athlete and get in shape

D.  Get comfortable with all your gear (break in a new pair of pads, a new set of gloves, etc.)

We know that it's a lot of time, commitment and sweat. It also means giving up other things.  If the drive is deep enough, the other things don’t matter. Get your sleep. Eat well. Practice Practice Practice. Deliberately with purpose. 

What is our purpose? To simply be the best we can be. We do that by getting better every damn day of the summer.  Now is the time.  ​​​​​​​

P.S. Wear your NuttyBuddy every day this summer. Make it a reminder that you are going to be better this year. Put it on, and then, and only then, GO BE  GREAT!