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Summer Heat

Summer Heat

Let’s talk about one area of concern for all our athletes...How to stay cool.

Alright, this may not apply to the ice hockey kids, but for most athletes, staying cool in the summer heat is a priority. Keeping your self hydrated is a yearly rite of passage. And those athletes who enjoy playing outside sports encounter the same problem whenever summer rolls around: literally sweating their balls off.

Sure, you can shower afterwards, but keeping your core cool is important to feel better when you get home (especially when it stays hot late into the night).

One of the time-honored ways to stay cool is with an icy drink in a reusable bottle with good insulation that keeps your drink cold.

Another well-tested way to beat the heat is to sit in a pool. Not everyone has the money or yard for a big pool, but a Kiddy-Pool for some tired sweaty feet can do wonders for keeping you cool (and could fit in your living room).

Obviously, the preferable standard for many is just to crank the AC, but even with AC it’s important to remember to stay hydrated and cool while playing sports outside.  We hydrate from the inside out.

From one Nutt to another, make sure you protect the boys with a NuttyBuddy and stay cool and hydrated in the intense dog-days of summer heat—on and off the field.

P.S. Wash your shorts!  Better yet, jump in a pool right after, and they will wash themselves.  We don't want the shorts and jock walking directly to the washing machine. 😊