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GIT'ER DONE - Story about Reggie Jackson

GIT'ER DONE - Story about Reggie Jackson

Striking out Reggie Jackson was always a mystery to me. When he was in Baltimore, I got him to ground out to the second baseman in the sixth. He jogged by me on the back side of the mound and said loud enough for that even I could hear, "Nice fastball kid." Right. 

He came back up in the ninth. I threw my fastball, which turned into a ball, and put the count at 1-1. Now it was time to throw my money pitch. A slider, tight and hard. 

Result: broken bat and a ground out to the second baseman. 

Reggie came by the backside of the mound again heading to dugout. He said nothing, so I hollered at him, "Nice fastball!"!